"Arthur Migliazza is the new master!"
- Daryl Davis, Chuck Berry Band (Piano Player)

Award winning pianist Arthur Migliazza brings the Boogie Woogie and Blues piano tradition back to life through truly unbelievable piano playing and incredibly engaging storytelling. This living historian takes you on a one of a kind journey through the origins of this extremely influential and important African-American music and uncovers its connections and relevance to all of American pop music that followed, including Jazz and Rock and Roll. But this is no mere history lesson; Arthur Migliazza is a virtuoso pianist who grew up playing Boogie Woogie and Blues piano, learning directly from several contemporary masters in the style.

"Arthur energizes his audience...Every single time! He is the Best!"
- Gary Shaw, Foundry Art Center (President), St. Charles, MO

Prinzregententheater in Munich, Germany

Prinzregententheater in Munich, Germany

About the show…

From the back streets and back woods in the later part of the 19th century, Boogie Woogie could be heard in its crude beginnings emanating from the barrelhouses, honky-tonks and juke joints throughout the South. If one had more skill as a piano player, and some knowledge of music and harmony, then one could make a better living playing Ragtime music in more urban, “gilded places.” Over time, Boogie Woogie became more complex and refined, and made its way into the cities, eventually spreading North to places like Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit and New York City.

In the 1940’s Boogie Woogie reached its peak of popularity, becoming a national craze and creating several international stars including Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, and Meade Lux Lewis, who became known as the Kings of the style. By the 1950’s Boogie Woogie as a brand had faded from popularity, but its elements - the driving dance rhythms, the relentless backbeat, the suspended rhythm breaks, the improvisation and syncopation - did not fade from American pop music. Instead they were transformed and became the backbone of Big Band Jazz and Rock and Roll. Indeed, they are still present in American pop music today!

"If anyone can bring boogie-woogie piano back into style, this is the man for the job."
- Bill Wilson, Blues Reviewer and Blogger

Watch this story come to life with comical and insightful anecdotes about some of the key players in Boogie Woogie’s history, as well as LIVE performances by one of the style’s few living masters! This show has been met with overwhelming positive responses from every audience who has seen Arthur perform.


Watch Arthur play St. Louis Blues at the Triple Door in Seattle, WA


About Arthur…

Arthur Migliazza has been performing Blues and Boogie Woogie music professionally since the age of 13 and has earned a reputation world wide as being one of the greatest living players of the style. In 2010 Arthur was inducted into the Arizona Blues Hall of Fame, and in that same year he teamed up with pianist Bob Baldori, who recorded and toured with Chuck Berry for over 40 years. Together they presented Boogie Stomp! The Get Up and Dance Musical in theaters around the US and Off Broadway in Times Square, as well as in Canada and Russia.

"Arthur's feeling for and skill with the music of the era might convince one to believe in reincarnation"
- Cabaret Scenes Magazine, NYC

In addition to being an incredible performer, with a “charming and natural stage presence”, Arthur has been teaching others how to play Boogie Woogie piano for over 21 years, both in classrooms and in private lessons. In January 2016 Hal Leonard, the world’s largest sheet music publisher in the world, published Arthur’s first instructional book “How to Play Boogie Woogie Piano”.

"Arthur's history of boogie woogie and lightning fast fingers wowed the audience from start to finish!"
- Elliot Glicksman, Jazz in January (President), Tucson, AZ



In 2014, Arthur released his critically acclaimed self-produced album Laying It Down, which appeared on the entry list for the 2015 Grammy Award nominations for Best Blues Album, and resided at #1 on the Washington State Roots Music Report charts for the summer of 2014.


"It was a terrific evening... what a performer!"
- Mal Murphy, Sunriver Music Festival (President), Sunriver, OR


Arthur plays an excerpt from Bumble Boogie at Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, RU.

Arthur has appeared at....

Tchaikovsky Hall - Moscow, RU

Birdland Jazz Club - NY, NY

Benaroya Hall - Seattle, WA

Soho Jazz Club - Hiroshima, JP

Prinzregententheater - Munich, DE

Polytechnic Institute - St Petersburg, RU

International Blues and Boogie Festival - Paris, FR

The Triple Door - Seattle, WA

Fox Theater - Tucson, AZ

Foundry Art Centre - St. Charles, MO

Boogie Piano Summit - Newport, KY

8th International Boogie Woogie Festival of Cambrai - Cambrai, FR

The Lyric Theater - Stuart, FL

Pianoforte -Chicago, IL

Cincy Blues Fest (Piano Stage) - Cincinnati, OH

Glenn Gould Studio - Toronto, CA

Notte Bianca Festival - Voghera, IT

Archie Edwards Barbershop - Washington DC

The Tower Theater - Bend, OR

Kenyon Hall - Seattle, WA

Elektra Theatre - NY, NY


Arthur Migliazza plays Honky Tonk Train Blues by Meade Lux Lewis at the Beach Cafe in New York City and tells a little story before the song.